It is easy to install your own Geotextile Arena Footing with FSGeoTEX

Available on the East- and West Coast

FS GeoTEX mixed with sand provides the optimal arena footing for daily training. We carefully select the components of our geotextiles to balance out ‘cushioning’ and ‘stability’ to prevent over compaction of the arena footing. FS GeoTEX  is a manufactured customized blend, specifically made according to Footing Solutions USA requirements and has been on the market for nearly 10 years!


Unique and simply the best geotextile additive on the market:

  • Works well for jumping, dressage and all-purpose arenas
  • 60 % geotextile and 40% fiber blend
  • The thickness of FS GeoTEX allows for a reduced amount needed
  • 100% synthetic, NOT recycled, NO FIBERGLASS content.
  • Many years of use – no break down of the geotextiles.

Advantages of geotex_1

  • Adds spring to the horse arena footing reducing the risk of jarring and repetitive injuries.
  • Gives Stability and consistency to the horse arena footing.

  • Retains moisture and reduces dust.

  • Binds with the sand for shear strength.

  • Greater consistency in all weather conditions.

  • Safe for riders and horses

  • Reduces maintenance requirements

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