Platz-Max Roll

Platz-Max Roll: Efficiency in a small package.

For geo-textile arena footings, dust-free footings and all sand riding surfaces.

6 ft wide pull behind version

Arena drag for small Equestrian facilities, makes perfect grooming of your arena footing simple and fun – for all towing vehicles like gators or ATV’s. All the same features of the tractor model but as a pull behind arena drag.  The built-in hydraulic raises up the tires and controls the depth to level the arena surface.

German Engineering

red_1 Hooking up the arena drag to the gator is absolutely effortless – Hydraulic change of depth with the press of a button or with the handpump assures perfect dragging  and leveling of the arena footing.
 The coil tines are arranged in two staggered rows. They fill in hoof imprints and blend sand additives, e.g. rubber footing, geo-textile footings and fibar footings.
red_3 The swinging leveling blade is located behind the tines which evens out any uneven ground surface. The lattice roller blends and slightly presses the footing into perfect compaction.