The HIT UnderGround Watering System solves the problem of uneven watering of arena footings. Many watering systems leave behind muddy or insufficiently watered areas in your arena footing resulting in uneven dragging of the horse arena footing. Irrigation from the ground up provides equal stability of the arena footing so your horse can rely on the same arena surface from take off to landing and from stride to stride.

Even Watering from below for Indoor and Outdoor Arenas

The HIT System works identically for outdoor and indoor arena footings. For outdoor arena footings the irrigation system also features a draining and watering function, for indoor arenas, a watering function.

Solving uneven watering now and forever

HIT Active Aqua UnderGround Watering System.

Completely automatic – enjoy your ride!

Sensors regulate the perfect moisture content in the arena footing. You can program the controller if you like firmer arena footing like for jumping arenas or a softer surface for dressage riding. The Rain sensor shuts off the watering automatically.

Conserve Water!

Eliminates wasteful evaporation of overhead watering by the wind and sun, while water takes time to reach the dryer area below
Water savings of 60% in comparison to overhead sprinkler systems and 50% compared to the Ebb- and Flow UnderGround Watering System.

The advantages of HIT UnderGround Watering System

No puddle or mud formation

The free draining base consisting of the permeable sub-base and the HIT DrainGrids as the permanent separation layer prevent the formation of mud and puddles during heavy rainfall. Enjoy 365 days of riding, rain or shine.

Even Watering and Water Conservation

The HIT UnderGround Watering System is based on the concept of capillary action. The result is an even water distribution throughout the horse arena footing while conserving water up to 60% compared to overhead sprinklers.

One Arena Footing for All

Every riding discipline requires different demands on the properties and characteristics of an arena surface. The optimum arena footing gives slightly but still provides sufficient stability and control for push off. Based on the riding discipline, both, the elasticity and stability can be controlled by the amount of water. Water is the binder in the arena footing: More water will provide a higher shear strength, less water from below achieves a more springy and elastic arena surface. You will be in control of the characteristics of your horse arena footing.

Low Maintenance

Watering is controlled by a timer.  You will keep on riding while the arena footing is being watered from below. Sensors in the arena footing determine the duration of the  water cycles while rain sensors will shut off the watering.
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