Arena Indoor/Outdoor Base Mats

Install your Olympic Footing at home: The perfect horse arena footing always starts at the base.

The arena base mats are laid out in rows with approximately 1/2 ” space between the mats over a sub-base of gravel. By the ridge structure on the bottom the mats will stay securely in place and anchor securely. Excess water will drain through the small holes. The mats have water reservoir cups on the top side that is able to deliver water to the arena footing from below over time while the underside ensures highly-efficient drainage of rainwater. The knob system on the upper side of the mat increases the stability of the horse arena footing mixture. Adding the layer of high quality sand mixed with FS GeoTEX will guarantee you the spring of an Olympic arena at home. It has been tested at the highest levels of equestrian sport and proven itself for several years.

Description and benefits

  • Optimal shock absorbing system from the ground up
  • Minimizes concussion for your horses safety and comfort
  • Ideal ALL-Weather arena base system for any discipline
  • No need to build a common arena base
  • Build-in water reservoir cups store moisture
  • Holes provide excellent drainage
  • Tread-texture with knobs provides excellent traction
  • Used extensively throughout Europe for years, ArenaBase Mat system are made from 100 % recycled PVC (certificated, no PCB)

The combination of the German Mat System with FS GeoTEX, our customized geotextile arena footing, create the stability and spring your horse needs to perform at the highest level. In the end there is nothing more important in the Equestrian world than the arena footing on which the horses train and compete.


2008 Olympics Hongkong, built by Oliver Hobergarenadrag_hongkong

$ 1.95 per square foot or $ 19.50 per mat (minimums will apply)



Outdoor ArenaBase Mat

This mat is for in and  outdoor riding arenas, paddocks, hotwalkers and is made from 100% elastic PVC material.

Length: 3.94 feet

Width: 2.72 feet

Height: 1.58″

Weight: 44 pounds

Drainage: 190 holes/mat

Coverage: 10.72 sq ft = 1.19 sq yards


Interlocking Arena Base Mats

Ideal for indoor arenas and building short-term show arenas on grass.  Easy assembly and removal!

Length: 3.28 feet

Width: 2.78 feet

Height: 1.58″

Weight: 36-40 lbs

Drainage: 168 holes/mat

Coverage: 9.12 sq ft = 1.00 sq yd