For some years, the SOFTBED COMFORT has been used successfully in the management of stabling horses in Germany. The soft, flexible surface provides your horse with a durable and comfortable bed, equivalent to 4-6 inches of shavings. It greatly improves your horse’s comfort and reduces the amount of bedding material needed making mucking out stalls more easily. Owners of performance horses report hock sores are gone within days, wind puffs are greatly reduced.

The Softbeds are 6 ft x 8 ft and weigh 220 lbs, which is heavy enough to prevent the horse from moving it. The SOFTBED contains a core of 1.5 inches of foam which is completely protected by two rubber mats which have a slightly textured surface to prevent slipping. The rubber matting is sealed around the edges using a vulcanising process, so that no moisture can penetrate it.

Simply place the SOFTBED on the stable floor, a small amount of shavings can be used around it to encourage and provide a urinating spot for the horse. This way the middle of the stall stays dry and clean.

You can also cover the SOFTBED with some shavings, then easily remove the few wet shavings daily. Unlike regular stall mats, the material of the SOFTBED does not absorb any bacteria from urine and will remain clean and odorless. You only need 1 Softbed to make your horse happy and your work easier.

SOFTBED Advantages

  • Very soft and therapeutic
  • Less strain on hips, stifle and hock scuffing
  • Allows you to use less bedding
  • Prevents urine pits, holes and bacteria build-up
  • Encourages the horse to lie down
  • Softbeds do not shift or move
  • Insulates from the cold ground
  • Provides comfort and quality rest
  • Creates a healthier living environment
MaterialCost per monthCost per year
Shavings16 bales = $110192 bales = $1,320
SOFTBED + Shavings8 bales = $5696 bales = $672
SAVINGS*Save $54 / monthSave $648 / year

*Save at least $648 per year per horse. Plus, save on cleaning time, waste disposal, ground preparation work. In about a year, your HIT SOFTBED will have paid for itself!


Each SOFTBED measures 6 ft x 8 ft and weighs 220 lbs


Cross-section of Softbed showing 1.5″ foam thickness